Signature Flavors


Bourbon Almond Brittle

Vanilla bean ice cream, Makers Mark, and house-made almond brittle candy

Dark Chocolate

Triple Belgium dark chocolate ice cream

German Chocolate Cake

House-made chocolate coconut cake batter ice cream, shredded coconut and praline pecans

Oatmeal Cookie Dough

Vanilla ice cream with oatmeal cookie dough

Queen Bee

Vanilla bean base, honeycomb toffee & dark chocolate shatter & $1 from every pint & 25 cents of each scoop sold goes to the Bald Beauties Project!

Salted Caramel

Salted caramel ice cream with a salted caramel ribbon


Seasonal and constantly rotating flavors always available

Vanilla Bean

Madagascar vanilla bean specks and cold pressed vanilla extract

Vegan Ice Cream

Rotating seasonal flavors

Today's Seasonal Flavors

Available for a limited time

AZ Marshmallow Pecan

Marshmallow Pecan ice cream layered with brown sugared pecans.

Banana Nutella

Fresh Banana ice cream base layered w/ Nutella ribbons & mini chocolate chips.

Black Cherry Cheese Cake

Black Cherry vanilla ice cream layered with Chunks of house-made cheese cake & chopped Bordeaux cherries

Candy at the Movies

Tart Cherry ice cream layered w/ rainbow Nerds & chewy sweet tarts.

Candy at the Movies

Tart cherry ice cream or tart blue raspberry ice cream layered with a mix of Nerds, Skittle & chewy Sweet Tarts

Cookie Monster

Coookie Monster blue vanilla ice cream layered with house-made crushed oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, crushed Oreos & crushed house-made Snickerdoodles

Hokey Pokey

Vanilla ice cream, honeycomb toffee

Mint Chocolate Chip

House-made peppermint ice cream layered with dark chocolate chips

Nana’s Arroz con Leche

Housemade Arroz con Leche ice cream layered with brown butter cinnamon honey ribbons

Nutter Butter Marshmallow Crunch

Vanilla Bean & Peanut Butter ice cream base layered w/ crushed Nutter Butter cookies & marshmallow ribbon.

Orange Dream With Cream

Housemade orange and vanilla bean ice cream.

Pistachio Orange Blossom

Pistachio base ice cream scented with essential orange blossom oil, sprinkled with roasted salted pistachios

Strawberry Rice Krispy Treats

Strawberry & Marshmallow ice cream layered w/ house-made Rice Krispy treats.

Troop 78 Lemonade & Cookies

House-made Lemon ice cream w/ Girl Scout Savannah Smiles cookies.

Rotating Seasonal Flavors

Available for a limited time

Apple Γ  La Mode

Vanilla bean ice cream, chunks of homemade apple pie

Banana Foster

Fresh banana base with spices and toffe sauce ribbons

Banana Nutella Brownie

Fresh banana ice cream layered w/ Nutella ganache ribbons & chunks of housemade fudgy brownies

Banana Pudding Pie

Fresh banana ice cream layered w/ marshmallow ribbons & crushed Nilla wafers.

Birthday Party

House-made cake batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

Blueberry Pancake

Maple base ice cream, blueberry compote *Exclusively at Hub Restaurant

Chocolate Butterfinger

Our Dark Chocolate ice cream base, featuring triple-Belgium dark chocolate, plus REAL Butterfinger crumbles!


Coffee ice cream, Thatchers Coffeehouse Liqueur

Coffee Swiss Almond

Our classic Coffee ice cream base spiked & layered w/ chocolate-covered salted almonds & crushed cookies. (Gluten-free.)

Cookies and Cream

Vanilla bean base layered with crushed Oreo cookies.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Armaretti

Dark Chocolate ice cream base swirled w/ chopped dark Bordeaux cherries, crumbled Cherry Armaretti cookies & dark chocolate shatter. (Contains nuts, gluten & soy.)

El Luchador Chocolate

Chocolate toasted marshmallow ice cream layered w/ cayenne-spiked chocolate ganache ribbons & roasted almonds, dressed in salt & black pepper

Hannah’s Rainbow Sparkle Dream

Rainbow Sherbet made from Starburst candy & Skittles. (gluten & soy-free)

Iced Coffee Caramel Latte

House-made coffee base layered with a coffee-infused caramel ribbon.

Isabel’s Caribbean Samoa

Housemade toasted coconut ice cream layered w/ crushed Samoa Girl Scout cookies from troop 78, plus salted caramel ribbons & dark chocolate shatter

Key Lime Bar

Cream cheese ice cream, chunks of homemade key lime bars

Lemon Cheesecake

Tart lemon ice cream layered w/ house-made cheesecake chunks & salted caramel ribbons.

Lemon Triple Berry Swirl

Tart yellow creamsicle ice cream layered with homemade triple berry compote.

Mexican Wedding Cookie

Cinnamon ice cream with pecan pralines *Exclusively at Hub Restaurant

Movie Snacks

Brown butter popcorn base layered w/ M&M'S & chocolate-chip cookie dough.

Not Your Granny’s Coconut Cake

Coconut cake ice cream base layered w/ raspberry jam ribbon & dark chocolate shatter. (Contains dairy, soy & nuts.)

Oreo Mint Chocolate Chip

A Green Mint ice cream base w/ crushed Oreos & mini chocolate chips. (Contains soy & gluten.)

PB Cup

Peanut Butter ice cream, chopped peanut butter cups

PB King

House-made Peanut Butter ice cream base, sprinkled with honeycomb toffee and a milk chocolate ribbon.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Peanut Butter ice cream layered with chocolate-covered pretzels & mini chocolate chips.

Peanut Butter M&M Party

Peanut Butter ice cream layered w/ crushed peanut-butter M&M's, milk chocolate & a caramel ribbon.

Peanut Butter Rolo

Peanut butter ice cream base layered with caramel ribbons and milk chocolate shatter. (Gluten-free.)

Pistachio Baklava

Pistachio base with house-made crumbled baklava in a honey drizzle

Raspberries & Cream

Raspberries & vanilla bean base w/ mini chocolate chips

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Chocolate cake base w/ a cream cheese frosting ribbon, sprinkled w/ mini chocolate chips (contains gluten, dairy & soy)

Roadrunner Crunch

The Official Ice Cream for the NHL Tucson Roadrunners, featuring our Salted Caramel base w/ a maroon caramel ribbon & chunks of chocolate-covered pretzels! (Contains gluten, soy.)

Roasted Strawberries & Cream

Sweet cream & vanilla bean base blended w/ roasted strawberries. (Gluten-free, soy-free.)

Rocky Balboa

Dark chocolate ice cream, toasted almonds, marshmallow ribbon, mini chocolate chips


Toasted marshmallow ice cream, dark chocolate shatter, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker crumbs


Homemade nougat base layered w/ crushed salted peanuts, milk chocolate shatter & caramel ribbons.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Roasted-strawberry base w/ chunks of homemade cheesecake, feat. graham cracker crust & strawberry compote ribbon. (Contains gluten, soy.)

Strawberry Tres Leches Cake

Summer strawberry cake soaked in three milks: sweet heavy cream, whole milk & sweetened condensed milk.

Toasted Coconut

Creamy coconut base w/ shredded coconut sprinkles. (Gluten-free, contains nuts.)

Tony The Tiger’s Midnight Snack

Frosted Flakes cereal milk ice cream, layered with crushed dark chocolate-covered frosted flakes

Turtle Brownie

Vanilla bean base with homemade dark chocolate brownies, pecan pralines & a caramel ribbon

White Chocolate & Cherries

Vanilla base layered w/ tart cherry compote & white chocolate shatter. (Gluten-free.)

White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

Fresh banana vanilla bean base w/ white chocolate shatter, dark chocolate chips & crumbled Nilla wafers. (Contains gluten, soy.)

White Pistachio Cannoli

White pistachio base layered with raspberry mascarpone ribbons, mini chocolate chips and crushed cannoli shells.

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