New Kid On the Block

It’s been a long journey but the end (or the beginning as it were) is near! There’ve been so many changes on Congress; a boom that has brought forth some great restaurants, bars, nightlife and people to reinvigorate what used to be a street that was starting to fade away from its former glory. HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery came and filled a void that demanded late night food for people looking to extend their evening with tasty dishes and great service.

Within about two years we saw the addition of our own nightclub and cocktail bar, Playground Bar & Lounge, an amazing coffee bar (Sparkroot) that helps fuel us through our long days and nights, a James Beard Award-winning pizzeria, a yoga studio, wine bars and of course new revenue to keep historic concert venues thriving. The long process of adding a streetcar to connect downtown with 4th Avenue and University was completed in summer 2014.  Second Saturdays were created to allow people to mix and mingle; eat, drink and be merry in The New Downtown.

Soon HUB became even more of a booming restaurant that was consistently filled with diners of all varieties, and what started out as six ice cream flavors for dessert during our soft opening in 2011 grew into twelve flavors a week later. By the end of the year we had a case filled with 24 rotating flavors. Needless to say, people liked it.

They liked it so much that we were able to raise money for charities by donating proceeds from some of our specialty scoops. It allowed us to staff more people to volunteer at Diamond Children’s Medical Center, bringing sundaes on the first Sunday of the month for the children — an ongoing endeavour near and dear to our hearts. It allowed us to find a passion in creating joy through the fun of ice cream for people of all ages. And now it has allowed us to embark on a new adventure with our very own storefront and continue partnerships with local coffee roasters EXO Roast Co. and Prep and Pastry to create a culinary adventure that truly utilizes the wonderful community that we are blessed to have in Tucson.

We couldn’t be more excited and proud of our dedicated staff. We look forward to serving you on May 22!

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